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We are a NOT FOR PROFIT company launched to work towards safeguarding and protecting the rights of Immigrants to the UK. The initial aim of our company is to help all Working Immigrants who were not covered by HSMP Forum Ltd Judicial Review of April 2009.

HSMP forum Ltd won the Judicial Review and in response that the UK Government has allowed HSMP Migrants pre April 2006 to apply for ILR after 4 years of stay in the UK. Justice Sir George Newman, in our 8th April 2008 Judicial Review judgement observed “I find that the terms of the scheme, properly interpreted in context and read with the guidance and the rules, contain a clear representation, made by the defendant, that once a migrant had embarked on the scheme he would enjoy the benefits of the scheme according to the terms prevailing at the date he joined.” The Judgment concluded “In the circumstances, I am satisfied that the terms of the original scheme should be honoured and that there is no good reason why those already on the scheme shall not enjoy the benefits of it as originally offered to them.

The indefinite leave to remain after 4 years qualifying residence is a benefit which was originally promised to migrants who were Work permits, WP-HSMP-Tier1 OR WP-Tier1, admitted to UK before the April 2006 ILR changes and not only HSMP Workers. Many Permit holders were also in a similar route to ILR. We want to engage in peaceful protests/activities against such discriminatory and harsh policies of the UK Government towards Highly Qualified other working categories of UK Immigrants. 

Please visit our “How Can You Help” to understand how you can contribute to the cause. We assure you to keep working on behalf of ALL UK Migrants and fight for the establishment of their legitimate rights.

Please visit our “Forum” for up to date information of our day to day activities.

Please make sure to “Contact Us” if you have any questions or concerns.

If need be with the help of our supporters we will take UKBA to the High Court and challenge unfair policies. A case for Judicial Review is currently being investigated very seriously with a number of renowned solicitors of the UK.