About Us

About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic Highly Qualified Immgrant Workers who will do our utmost to protect and safeguard the rights of hard working immigrants. Using this platform we intend to organize court proceedings against the government with help of capable lawyers and barristers. They will help us to prepare a court case and challenge the unfair policies of the government. Specifically this case will be on behalf of all immigrants who were not covered by the recent judicial review for HSMP Workers in April 2009.

To contact our teams please email on any of the addresses below:-

Email: [email protected]

Steering Committee Members

Email: [email protected]


Due to the unfair and heavy handed policies of the Home Office / UKBA, we have all in one way or another been affected by the 4-5 year rule change. Perhaps you had to pass up a career opportunity. Maybe you had to pay additional fees for things like child care or were unable to send your child to university. Possibly you have been unable to secure a competitive mortgage. Many hardships have been suffered and the time has come for us to stop being victims.

When we arrived in the UK each of us had the expectation that if we worked hard, paid taxes, and obeyed the rule of law, that after 4 years we would have earned Indefinite Leave to Remain.  As you know in April 2006 the Government unexpectedly increased this requirement and though we have made various attempts to reason with them, our voices have fallen on deaf ears. Our last and only remaining option is to appeal to the courts. 
HSMP have won their case (ILR 4 to 5 year) and we feel there is no reason why this should also apply to the other categories that were affected.
We are ready to file a case against the Home Office / UKBA for 4 year ILR. This will take time, much effort and money.  We have estimated that the case will cost in the region of £90,000- 100K. We all appreciate that this is a big number however if each of us share the cost we are confident that we can meet this goal. Please note that if at the end there are funds left, they will be returned in proportion.
Immigrant Welfare was created to unite us and lead this fight so please stand behind us and contribute as much as you can. We are looking to each person to contribute between  £50 – £100 for the ILR discrimination issue of all skilled immigrants who came to UK before April.  As always we will be transparent and keep the community informed of any major developments.

If one person in your area can co ordinate this efforts and contribute the money it would be easy for us to handle and communicate. Let me know about it.

If we could not raise the required funds we will return all the money back to contributors and stop all the fights. So spread the word to all your friends/colleagues about this. And further communications you will receive from Immigrationwelfare.co.uk to keep uniformity while speaking to public. Like before you can send emails to me if it required or send your queries to [email protected]

Many thanks in advance
 to make your contributions for the cause.

If you can’t pay today you can also give us a promise eg. I can pay it £ xx.xx on a particular date and it should be within a month. Send an email to [email protected]

Send you payment reference number, your name, address and email address and contact number, so we can keep track of your payments.