Fairy Tail, Vol. 07

Fairy Tail Vol GUILD WARFairy Tail s rival guild Phantom Lord has taken the competition to dangerous levels by smashing the Fairy Tail building and nearly killing three wizards What is Fairy Tail response A full f

  • Title: Fairy Tail, Vol. 07
  • Author: Hiro Mashima William Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9780345510396
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • GUILD WARFairy Tail s rival guild, Phantom Lord, has taken the competition to dangerous levels by smashing the Fairy Tail building and nearly killing three wizards What is Fairy Tail response A full frontal assault on Phantom Lord But this clash is all part of the Phantom Lord evil plot to capture a coveted prize.Includes special extras after the story

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      247 Hiro Mashima William Flanagan
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    One thought on “Fairy Tail, Vol. 07”

    1. It's been over a month since my previous Fairy Tail volume and I can't say I really missed it. There are too many special characters with odd and supposedly funny quirks. There's a lot of fanservice. And what there isn't a lot of is clear plot. After our heroes finished an important mission in the previous volume and returned to the guild, Fairy Tail got attacked by a rival guild of wizards. Oh, no! Now they're fighting said wizards, who are attempting to kidnap Lucy, because she's the heiress t [...]

    2. I needed something quick and amazing after the mess that is the Elfstones of Shannara, and this totally delivered! I don't know how many times I can say I love Fairy Tail, but I do! Read it or watch the anime!

    3. 4 estrellas , tomo 7 . ¡Simplemente estoy cogiéndole mucho cariño! . Es una historia divertida y emotiva . Transmite tanto por sus diálogos y protagonistas que es simplemente imposible no quedar admirado de esta gran obra que no hace más que ascender en el mundo propio en el que se desarrolla la trama . Nunca terminaremos de conocer al 100% a los protagonistas aunque sigan pasando los capítulos , todos tienen algún trasfondo muy bien construido . En este tomo seguimos con el arco de Phant [...]

    4. Abandono este anime, me da pereza seguir si fuesen menos capítulos pero es que no le veo el final a esta serie y se me esta haciendo muy repetitiva.

    5. I have a few thoughts on this volume :- So weird to see Gajeel being the big ennemy of Fairy Tail.- AS WELL AS JUBIA ! Omg the first time she sees Gray, this is THE BEST.- When Elfman has to use his full power that scene was so heartbreaking, it's the first time the tragedy is brought up about Lysanna. A Right in the feels.

    6. This is one of those guilty pleasure fan service things that I’m not entirely sure why I read other than I like some of the characters but not really the one I’m supposed to like, such as the lead, Lucy (who spends all of her time doubting herself or getting kidnapped.) Sure enough Lucy gets kidnapped. It turns out all the attacks against the Fairy Tail guild were because Lucy’s very wealthy father wants her back.Even after she does get free, the attacks continue and all of Fairy Tail sets [...]

    7. This is when one of my favorite rescue scenes happen between Natsu and Lucy. I love how Natsu shows that he is not only a great fighter, but he is also really good at changing tact and not hesitating to grab one of the enemy, in order to get information. Also, I really enjoyed seeing Natsu and Gajeel fight. I am really looking forward to learning a great deal more about all of the Dragon slayers. I think that there is a lot more to Gajeel than can be seen.

    8. These Fairy Tail volumes are getting better and better as the series goes on. I really love the group dynamics with Ezra, Natsu, Lucy and Gray. Also Happy is so cute like I want one to hug aha.

    9. Some really well drawn action scenes in this one. I'll be honest, the plot is lacking quite a bit, but I was really impressed by the proved art compared to the previous volumes.

    10. I just love Fairy Tail so much! A great part of it is that it can get really serious at times, but it can also be comedic. The character growth is also there too. I just love it!!!

    11. THE GOOD Lucy: Finally were getting some back story on Lucy and surprise! Turns out she's a little rich girl who ran away from home. It's obvious she's not the typical snobby rich kid, so I look forward to learning more about her past.Natsu: I cannot wait for him and the other dragon slayer to duke it out.Juvia: The only member of the element 4 that I like. I sense romance blossoming between her and Gray at some point.Lisanna; We get some more insight about Mira and Elfman's youngest sibling, wh [...]

    12. Volume 7 is in the Phantom Lord Arc starthing with Chapter 40: The Moon can be Hidden by Clouds; Flowers Can be Scattered by the Wind.The Fairy Tail Guild storms the Dark Guild of Phantom Lord. Master Makarov leaves the group to search for Jose, Master of Phantom Lord. Another Dragonslayer, Gajeel, is introduced, and Natsu confronts him in place of Elfman. The metal-eater Gajeel is able to keep up with the strong fiery Natsu. Meanwhile Makarov finds Jose and demands to know why Lucy was taken. I [...]

    13. My review is for the whole manga so far (50 volumes). Fairy Tail is set in a fantasy world where wizards join guilds to make a living, and help the population who have no magic and cannot face certain threats. Lucy is such a wizard looking for a guild, and after meeting Natsu she joins his guild Fairy Tail. I watched the anime first and I prefer the anime look, but the drawings do get better after some volumes. The regions do look pretty, and the cities as well. The manga is packed with humor an [...]

    14. Hmm…Hmm…Azért akadnak erősen steampunk elemei ennek a mangának és eléggé vegyes korstílusban van elhelyezve. Tényleg abszolút minden van benne – ha panel és felhőkarcoló nincs is. Vannak sárkányok, lábakon mozgó kastély, varázsgömb-távközlési eszköz, lovagi páncél, kardok, gránátvető / páncélököl (?), ágyú, kalózhajó, motorcsónak, viktoriánus város, levegőbe író toll, visszamaradott falu, nemesi családi ház – amerikai stílusú, párducmintás [...]

    15. "No me puede herir ningún ataque con fuego" "Rugido escupitajo" XD ¡Qué buena Natsu!"Tengo una rival en el amor" Como me encanta Juvia. Tiene cada salida.Hay que reconocerle a Juvia que al principio de la lucha fue muy razonable al proponer un alto al fuego a cambio de Lucy. Sinceramente, ella es una maga muy muy poderosa, casi ningún ataque físico la dañaría.Una cosa que se me ocurrió al releerlo fue que los Cuatro Elementos ¿no deberían estar más debilitados si parte de su magia est [...]

    16. The battle between Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail continues, as we find out their purpose - and how far they['re willing to go.(view spoiler)[I just love the trust Lucy displays in this issue, when she throws herself from the tower. She trusts that her friends are there to help. I also love that the fights, once they really get going, are actually pretty quick. Fairy Tail is just better in many ways, and they've got something they really want to fight for. All in all, I love this arc and this volum [...]

    17. Fairy Tail vol. 7 Summary: GUILD WAR. Fairy Tail's rival guild, Phantom Lord, has taken the competition to dangerous levels by smashing the Fairy Tail building and nearly killing three wizards. What is Fairy Tail's response? Full-frontal assault on the Phantom Lord! But this clash is part of the Phantom Lord's evil plot to capture a coveted prize.Rating: 3 starsOpening Line: "A man!"Quote: "They say the magic will wipe out everything as far as Kardia Cathedral!!!"

    18. Good enough i couldn't put it down. The guild continues to battle Phantom Lord, and Mashima piles on the handicaps--no master, Erza goes down etc. All of this means we get to see a few new characters in action as well as series heroes Natsu and Gray--and the character, story, and individual battles are all handled with typical Fairy Tail excellence.

    19. The war continues between guilds Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord in this volume. We discover a little more about Lucy's past, and are introduced to many other characters, both good and bad. As always, the characters never fail to entertain, thanks to Hiro Mashima the creator of Fairy Tail. Looking forward to reading the next volume.

    20. Е не! Не мога! Нацу е уникален. Влиза като Цар Освободител, с идеята просто да срита нечий задник. Битката е просто епична, но бойните техники на Нацу са меко казано уникални. Не можа да удари врага си и за това го наплю. НАПЛЮ ГО! Паднах от стола от смях. Да не говорим, че е самат [...]

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