Under the Trees

Under the Trees Desperate to prevent an abusive arranged marriage Princess Araya flees to a neighboring kingdom only to land at the mercy of the impulsive Crown Prince Thoredmund who provides refuge in a secluded

  • Title: Under the Trees
  • Author: Ashley Maker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: None
  • Desperate to prevent an abusive arranged marriage, Princess Araya flees to a neighboring kingdom, only to land at the mercy of the impulsive Crown Prince Thoredmund, who provides refuge in a secluded forest and teaches her survival skills Her surprise at the unexpected hold the prince has on her heart mirrors his shock at falling for the one girl he can t have As the youDesperate to prevent an abusive arranged marriage, Princess Araya flees to a neighboring kingdom, only to land at the mercy of the impulsive Crown Prince Thoredmund, who provides refuge in a secluded forest and teaches her survival skills Her surprise at the unexpected hold the prince has on her heart mirrors his shock at falling for the one girl he can t have As the young couple s feelings for each other grow, the fragile alliance between the two kingdoms threatens to break apart With a vengeful duke and an enraged king fast on their trail, Thor and Araya must decide how much they re willing to risk for love Even if staying together means starting a war.

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    One thought on “Under the Trees”

    1. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Ashley Maker.)“Go. Find the girl,” I said. “Follow her.”This was a YA fantasy story, about a prince and princess who fell in love.Araya was an okay character, and she was brave to run away the way she did, even if her plans were a little poor. Thor came across as quite a capable young man, but his plans were lacking a little too.The storyline in this was about Araya running away from home [...]

    2. A realistic fairy tale! I wasn't sure I would enjoy this book at first, but I'm glad I kept reading. It is a wonderful book about young love fighting against fear and expectations. Araya is a strong character who knew she needed to learn to fend for herself, and Thor is a knight in shining armor without being overbearing. I would've loved to read more about how their lives turned out, but I guess I'll just be happy knowing they probably lived happily ever after!

    3. This book was sent to me by the author, Ashley Maker, in exchange for an honest review. I have to say that I had high hopes for this one based on the blurb, and they weren't met, but they also weren't disappointed either. The main problem I had with this book was the insta-love. Unlike some of my bookish friends, I'm not a person who's completely against insta-love, but this relationship honestly didn't make a lot of sense or could have been fleshed out more so that it was more believable. I did [...]

    4. WoW What a great book! I'm not a fan of historical stories But this author changed that for me. I started this book today while in the car rider line waiting for my kids I could not put it down I was reading it on my phone while I cooked dinner how sad right lol IT just shows how good it is. The twist and turns keep you glued to the story. I cant wait to see what else this author puts out because I will be reading it.

    5. I really enjoyed this book! The writer is very gifted with painting word pictures, and each scene enfolded with beauty before my eyes. The writing was flawless and the book was very well edited. Araya and Thor were likable enough to enjoy reading about, as both of them had wonderful qualities, however I can't say I absolutely fell in love with the characters. Even though I enjoyed the story, I didn't find myself unable to put the book down. Either way, this is a great debut novel!

    6. I adore this book! I'm not saying anything else yet, because it is still almost a month before release, but you guys want to read this. :)

    7. As a friend of the author, a person who read this in its original draft, and practically all the drafts afterwards, I can easily say this is one of the best books I have ever read. And anyone who doesn't pick this up is beyond missing out. I won't write a full review or say anything even remotely spoilery. You'll just have to read it for yourself. I am beyond happy that Ashley's dream for this book has finally come true. I remember when I was harassing her in emails about is there was any word f [...]

    8. Sometimes all you want to do is read a fairy tale, and believe in the good of the world – that good people can win, and that princesses live happily ever after. But make no mistake, Under the Trees is more than that, it carries an empowering message. It tells us to stop dreaming, and start fighting – and at the same time, it tells us it is okay to accept help. It tells us about young, innocent and instant (why make it complicated when it can be simple and pure?) love. You don’t need a knig [...]

    9. *Reviewed for Book Worms book blog*This is a delightful Y.A historical romance. It was quite short and I would have liked a bit more development of most of the characters and certain situations which is why I deducted one star in my rating. Under the Trees has a star-crossed lovers concept that is executed to the best of Ashley Maker's writing abilities, it's light and sweet with elements of danger, suspense, romance and issues of abuse bringing an edgier quality to it. The main male protagonist [...]

    10. I received a free e-copy of UNDER THE TREES from the author in exchange for a fair review.Princess Arya is engaged to be married, but the marriage promises to be brutish and violent. Forced to save herself, she runs away, and finds herself hiding in a neighboring kingdom, with the enigmatic Crown Prince Thor as her only friend. Of course, she doesn't know how much she can trust him, and Thor, himself, is under pressure from his father and his people to keep them safe - not harbor a princess, an [...]

    11. Read this and more reviews on my blog: mtwilsonhasablog.wordpress/Under the Trees is an enchanting read that captured me from the very beginning. The opening is one of the very best I have read; it starts right in the action, immediately grabbing your attention. I also felt immediately connected to Araya because her fear and emotions come through so well in the first chapter. The style of writing is excellent which helps the story flow very well. The book is written in the alternating first pers [...]

    12. ***4.25***Ashley Maker is an amazingly wonderful writer. Her characters really come to life in the pages of her book. Great characters and good writing and storytelling are my kryptonite, and the author did a superb job with this debut novel of hers. I adore strong female characters and Princess Araya; despite the delicateness of her upbringing, seemed determined to survive and build a new life for herself. I took an immediate liking to Thor as well. He's a brave and fierce prince, and has a hea [...]

    13. This book is like a breathe of fresh air! Definitely the type of book you'll read in one sitting!I got this book right after it's release and I regret not reading it immediately. Princess Araya is the type of heroine you'd admire. Yes, she did have her moments but she made up on it by proving how strong she can be. I admire her willingness to learn how to stand on her own and to be able to defend herself. Prince Thoredmund, on the other hand, is totally the knight in shinning armor a reader is l [...]

    14. Review for Under the Trees by Ashley MakerI gave this book 5 stars A book for any mood, time, or age. If you want to escape into a different world, of history, love, amazing literature, and time, then this is the book for you. I picked this book up, and didn't put it down until I had finished the last page. This is a book that will captivate you, and capture your heart.The love story in Under the Trees is so believable and real that you'll honestly fall in love with Prince Thor. He's a strong an [...]

    15. *** I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.***As a huge fan of historical fiction, I was excited to sign-up for this story after reading the synopsis. And, I was not disappointed. I found both Thor and Araya to be extremely likable characters. Usually I get annoyed with heroines in romances, often times they are clingy and self absorbed. Araya was a delite to read about. She is wise beyond her years, compassionate, and not at all a damsel in distress. She is that kick ass [...]

    16. I enjoyed reading this book, it is a light read and will fit for any of the age group.The book is very short and that is why a reduced star. I like reading books with more characterisation and even more word development which was lacking in this book.It was overall good one and anyone wants to read a light romance then you ahould defenetiely pick this one up

    17. This was such a pleasureto read and I couldn't bring myself to put it down. The author's creativity brought this story to life and the characters were strong and jumped right out of the pages. This debut novel is definitely a HIT!I borrowed a copy via Kindle Unlimited.

    18. (I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review.)I didn't love the characters in this, but they were okay.This struggled to keep my interest at times, so it wasn't a book I loved. It started to drag slightly because of it, but thankfully, because the book wasn't very long, it wasn't too bad. Overall, Not one I loved, but an okay read.

    19. Under the Trees by Ashley Maker Review 2/7/17 ARC from the AuthorAbuse, arranged marriage, suspense and a love story!Desperate to prevent an abusive arranged marriage, Princess Araya flees to a neighboring kingdom, only to land at the mercy of the impulsive Crown Prince Thoredmund, who provides refuge in a secluded forest and teaches her survival skills. Her surprise at the unexpected hold the prince has on her heart mirrors his shock at falling for the one girl he can't have. As the young coupl [...]

    20. A beautiful fantasy romance, Into the Trees follows Princess Araya’s flight from home in search of freedom.Araya is escaping an arranged marriage which looms over her like a shadow. Crossing into a neighboring kingdom, what is her luck? She runs into that kingdom’s prince, who has an impulse for helping people in need; hearing her story, Prince Thor swears to get her to freedom—and loses his heart to her on the way.It’s a quick and charming escape for those who love fantasy worlds, writt [...]

    21. This was my first read to review so big thanks to the author for allowing me to have a free copy! I've given "Under The Trees" 4☆ This is the kind of book I like to read, it's an easy read that would be perfect for rainy Sunday afternoons. I'd describe this kind of story as very "Mills&Boon-y" minus the sex. This is a very sweet,innocent tale. The story is told from the points of view of Araya and Thor, young royals from rival neighbouring kingdoms. POV are separated by chapter so it's eas [...]

    22. I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review. I put this book off till the last of four I read because the words historical fiction turned me off to it. I'm so not a historical fiction/romance reader but found myself really loving this book.This book has a little bit of everything in it and Ashley Maker did a good job writing the book. It's got elements of danger, suspense, romance, adventure, and issues dealing with abuse. I'd have run like the wind too if I was going to be stuck for t [...]

    23. In some ways, Under The Trees is a typical fairy-tale romance, and one could be forgiven for taking it as just that, but I found it to be more. UtT turns the traditional fairy tale on its head just enough to where you can't really take anything for granted. I enjoyed the characters, the dialogue seemed realistic, and Ashley's writing style makes the book fun to read. I would definitely recommend this (and have in fact done so).

    24. So let me start the beginning kind of threw me off and I wanted to shut my kindle off, but I am so glad that I didn't other wise I wouldn't have met Prince Thor, aka hunk-a-licious. I'm not sure what is was but the book just pulled me in like I was in a trance and I couldn't stop reading it.Araya, well she seemed like a loose cannon, wasn't sure what to think of her, a little crazy maybe?! lol No, just a princess running away from her fears. I wouldn't have blamed her for why she chose to run aw [...]

    25. DNF (for now) at 20%Another example of, "read the damn blurb before you request a review copy!" In other words, completely my fault that I didn't like it.First impression: fairy tale! Pretty cover! Time to request a copy!Why I should have just read the damn blurb: I should have just read the last line and seen that this book would be a Romeo and Juliet style book, and star-crossed lovers + insta-love are just too cringe-worthy for me.All this is completely my fault though! I will be the first to [...]

    26. This is a beautiful love story of two young adults who find something that neither of them were looking for What happens when a runaway meets a prince?Araya would rather live a lonely existence than marry a man whom she does not love or even like. Prince Thor discovers her identity and promises to help keep her hidden. He desperately wants to protect Araya and earn her trust, these new instincts confuse him but he can't help feeling drawn to her and knows he must fight his attraction, there is n [...]

    27. The characters and plot lines were well developed. I found the characters to be interesting. Araya has been set up to wed Duke Wendel, by her father. The Duke is a horrible man, so she flees her kingdom of Rowlst, to another Kingdom called Braythel , ruled by Prince Thor. He lets her pass onto his lands, and protects her from the ones who are following her. Of course, They fall in love.This book is told in alternating perspectives from both Araya and Thor which really kept things interesting and [...]

    28. Let me first start by saying that I have read quite a few historical romances which I have loved. Having said that, this book was nothing like the others I've read and I thought it was just such a beautiful love story. Thor and Araya were such great and compelling characters. I love that the author made Araya so strong and unwilling to accept her duty when it was just not right for her at a time where a daughters wishes or desires were just not considered. I admired Araya and I fell a little in [...]

    29. I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. A very simple, light romance. I adored Araya's character. A strong, independent woman. Very similar to my liking of Thor's mother. WHile both women are royalty, they don't mind getting the hands (or dresses, etc) a bit dirty. They hold their own. Prince Thor I had some mixed emotions on. I do think he risked too much in how he handled the situation. Whether he liked it or not he had a responsibility to his kingdom. There is a villian, good setting and engagin [...]

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