Every Secret Thing

Every Secret Thing A moving and compelling story the debut of an utterly original voice Carol Goodman author of The Ghost OrchidI only got one birthday present and as it turned out it was a gift of such importance o

  • Title: Every Secret Thing
  • Author: Lila Shaara
  • ISBN: 9780345485656
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A moving and compelling story the debut of an utterly original voice Carol Goodman, author of The Ghost OrchidI only got one birthday present, and as it turned out, it was a gift of such importance, opening it should have sent psychic shivers through me But I merely thought it a curiosity, vaguely creepy but nothing threatening Not a portent.Gina Paletta should A moving and compelling story the debut of an utterly original voice Carol Goodman, author of The Ghost OrchidI only got one birthday present, and as it turned out, it was a gift of such importance, opening it should have sent psychic shivers through me But I merely thought it a curiosity, vaguely creepy but nothing threatening Not a portent.Gina Paletta should have been used to upheaval From her childhood in a small southern town to her career in Manhattan s glamorous modeling world to sudden, unplanned motherhood, Gina has forever struggled to keep her life under control Now, at thirty three her year of waking up she has moved with her young sons to upstate New York and reinvented herself as a college professor At last she can nurse the fragile hope of safety, the hope of security.But Gina learns that security is an illusion when a pair of police detectives arrive at her doorstep Two of Gina s students have posted salacious photographs of her on a website Even troubling, these young men are suspects in a local murder Beneath the campus elms, amid the ivied masonry of the collegiate buildings, and in the libraries where she secrets herself from the world, Gina Paletta must now contend with a new sensation terror As the tension rises, Gina turns to her family and friends, only to discover lies and violence beneath placid surfaces Fearful for her safety and that of her children, determined to guard the new life she has built, Gina comes to rely on the company and protection of one of the detectives assigned to her case Yet even as their relationship grows complicated, the danger around them mounts and Gina finds herself marshaling reserves of strength and resolve she never dreamed existed Riveting and hypnotic, lyrical and tense, Every Secret Thing is a remarkable debut a provocative psychological drama about love, guilt, fear, and every secret thing that binds us together.From the Hardcover edition.

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    One thought on “Every Secret Thing”

    1. What a terrific surprise! I'd not read anything by this author before and borrowed it on a whim from the library. I spent the next two days (which happened to be snow days) immersed in the story, feeling a low-grade nervousness about being home alone and trying to read faster and faster until Gina found a return to safety. I'm not easily scared as a reader and frequently pick up suspense/mystery novels, but there was something about her situation - vulnerable without wanting to be - that really [...]

    2. I don't know what feels worse: slagging this book or admitting that I read it. This was a plodding mystery/romance centered around an unlikeable character who no one in their right mind would relate to. Gina is a former lingerie model turned PhD, single mother of twin boys, and spends 70 percent of this story whining about how beautiful she is and how annoying it can be when every man who sets eyes on her falls in love. I feel like a total chump for reading this book. This is the author's first [...]

    3. It was a good story but too long to get to the point. Gina Paletta is a professor at a small college near NY City and a single mom of twin boys. But is that all she is. A student becomes obcessed with her and then the other life she led comes out. All the twists and turns are good but it just takes toooooooooo long. And I got a little sick of her wishy washy attitude about her own life. Putting your kids first is great but mom's need to take care of themselves too.

    4. I gave up on this book around page 100. Too much rehashing of information, too many characters for the story line, too much whining!

    5. This first novel by Lila Shaara is not so much a mystery as two relatively unrelated, “psychological” stories, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A one-time successful lingerie model, Gina Paletta, has settled in a sleepy town just outside the Big Apple with her 7 year-old twin sons. Besides being a doting single mom (the boys’ father died when they were three), she’s a sociology professor at a local college. But wouldn’t you know it—her modeling career catches up with her in the [...]

    6. I didn't particularly like this book. The storyline was, in my opinion, mildly entertaining. I'm not quite sure if Shaara was trying to aim for full-on fluff or pseudo-crime novel. Don't get me wrong, I read it the entire book however many times I had to put it down and go back to it. I liked the suspense angle, but it was getting to be a bit much that Gina was gaining the amount of attention she did from everyone. You've got a fashion model turned college professor (with the PhD, to boot.of cou [...]

    7. So far this book is okay. I'm hanging in there because I'm interested enough to want to know the ending. BUT.o much description, too much introspection. I like mostly like the main character/narrator but sometimes I just want her to get on with it. I'm 5 discs into the 16 disc audio book and I'm seriously considering just checking out the book from the library so I can skim over much of the dialogue and get to the meat of the story.I gave up and went and got the text version of this book so I co [...]

    8. I've been listening to this on my comute to/from school as I've discovered that I get really motion sick on the new busses in the city. I'm not sure if I really liked this one, it was kinda eh, when it ended. Though I'm not sure if my reaction was more along those lines because I felt like shaking the main character through the first 2/3rds of the book for being so cluelessI really wanted to like this book, was looking forwards to starting it, as I've heard such great things about this debut boo [...]

    9. Once I got into this book I couldn't put it down. Unfortunately it took me a while to really get hooked. There are a lot of characters in the book, and they bounce in and out of the story pretty erratically. If you don't learn who is who you're guaranteed to get lost and forced to go back and figure out who is who. There's as many plot twists and turns as there is characters, it makes for an interesting read. Some of the story lines *coughtheadoptedbabycough* I could have done without however. O [...]

    10. This book held my interest. It isn't deep. That's ok. Does everything have to be? There's a bit of mystery, and a bit of romance. A gorgeous ex-lingerie model turned professor and single mom of twins has her life turned upside down when some students plaster her old modeling shots on a website with some pornographic pictures, suggesting she is the subject. The boys are suspected of murder and the police believe this woman may be in danger. Enter hunky detective. Oh the difficulties of being so g [...]

    11. I thought this was really good chick lit. It is the story of a widow and her young sons - the story begins on her 33rd birthday. She receives a gift in the mail that is unsigned. This is where the story begins. Frightening things begin to happen to Gina - she is a professor at a small university but her past begins to catch up with her. She did live a fast life as a Victoria Secrets type model in her teens and twenties - but gave it up to persue her phd.

    12. I only got to the second chapter in this book. Normally I give books a chance to grab me but I was just too bored with this one and moved on to a more interesting one. Perhaps one day I'll give it a chance again.

    13. A very absorbing story. I don't read much contemporary fiction, but did enjoy this. The main character is a mother of two sons who has created a simple, safe life for herself until events unfold that push her to look at her past and change her present.

    14. Brainy supermodel meets cop hunk and turns quasi-stalker mystery into romance novel. Very lifetime movie but not over in an hour and a half.

    15. This had the potential to be a really good book. Some really good sections. It needed some pretty severe editing in never received before it was published.

    16. Well, maybe I should give this a 3 because I did read the whole thing. I didn't quit. But it wasn't really very deep. It was a rambling romance. Can't really recommend it.

    17. This book can't seem to decide what the main point is and it takes along time to not get there. I finished it hoping it would eventually get where it's going. It did, sort of.

    18. I thought it was a somewhat slow read at the beginning, but then it really picks up. I stayed up late reading the last 100 pages!

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